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We know that there's more to the conversation than just pricing so here's a quick glimpse of the FAQ's and Pricing by quantity.

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Hats, Polos, Jackets & Patches...

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HATS | Off-Brand Style | Popular | $4 - $15 per hat

Good, Better, Best | $12 - $50 per garment

PATCHES | Hats and Uniforms | $8 - $20 per item

DIGITIZATION | Stitch Out Design File | $45/per logo

*Don't get super confused. There are so many options for items to embroider that it can get a little overwhelming. We are here to help.

The equation: Select your Stitch Count and desired Quantity and write that number down. (Item Cost + QTY/Stitch Cost) X QTY = Project Cost

THE MATH and the faq's

Don't get confused by the numbers or the info. We can break it down.


1. Let's say you want 8 Polos for your New Company. The polo costs $19 and your logo has a 4200 Stitch count. You're looking at $19(polo cost) + $15(1-11 QTY) X 8 Polos. $19+$15=$34 X 8 = $272 (There will also be a 1-Time Digitization Fee for your logo if that is something that we don't have on file.

2. Let's say you want 48 Trucker hats by Richardson and your logo has 5700 stitches. Those hats average at $7/per hat plus $8/per stitch out. $7 + $8 = $15 X 48 = $720

Please note, the supply chain for popular style hats like Richardson and Yupong SUCK! Color Scheme and Style fluctuates day to to day. Please contact us for a quote before you get dead set on a color scheme.

More options

4. Hats, Polos, Hoodies, Patches and every single product that we carry varies is several different ways. THe best thing to do is simplify your thoughts before placing an order. We are more than available to walk you through the options and sometimes a conversation helps decrease any confusion.

The x clarification

• if you want 1-12 shirts - We will only dtg those t-shirts | light colored garments work the best | the good thing about DTG is that it is full color instead of just a single color | the bad: we tell people that dtg printing has the tendency to look vintage

• We are not Fiverr. If you want to get on fiverr and find someone that can digitize your logo for $5, theres a good chance that that file wont look good. We can examine your file for you, but most times, if we don't digitize it, we wont stitch it.

• How many stitches look good on a polo or a hat?

Polo Stitch-Out: Our goal is to embroider between 5K - 10K max. Once you go over 10K stitches, the thread has the tendency to make that area of the polo heavy and annoying.

Hat Stitch-Out: The most cost efficient stitch out runs from 5k-8k, however, patch style hats are super popular and make your brand stand out.

Embroidery is around the corner

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