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Simplicity meets meticulous attention to detail and extreme creativity. We collaborate closely with our clients, listening to their ideas and feedback to craft exceptional logos that make a lasting impact. Let us create a logo that leaves a remarkable fingerprint for your brand.

1. Concept & Inspiration

We believe that every logo should be a true reflection of your brand identity. To achieve this, we start by gathering essential information from our clients. We dive deep into understanding your preferences, desired fonts, color schemes, and any additional details that are important to you. Your input is invaluable in guiding our design process and ensuring that your logo captures the essence of your business.

Fonts that Speak Your Language: Choosing the right font is crucial in conveying your brand's personality and tone. We value your insights on the type of fonts that resonate with your vision. Whether you prefer a modern and sleek look or a more traditional and elegant style, we take your font preferences seriously. By aligning the typography with your brand's character, we craft a logo that truly speaks your language.

Colors that Evoke Emotion: Colors have the power to evoke emotions and create lasting impressions. We want your logo to evoke the right emotions and connect with your target audience. That's why we encourage you to share your preferred color schemes or any specific colors that hold significance for your brand. Whether you seek bold and vibrant hues or a more subtle and sophisticated palette, we take your color preferences into account to create a visually stunning and impactful logo.

Additional Information that Matters: Your logo is unique to your business, and we understand that there may be specific elements or details that hold significance to you. Whether it's incorporating symbols, imagery, or concepts related to your industry or including subtle references that have personal meaning, we value any additional information you provide. By understanding these nuances, we can infuse your logo with depth and meaning, making it truly special and representative of your brand.


We have developed a streamlined design and creative process to bring your vision to life. Our dedicated team of designers will consult with you to gather essential information about your brand and design preferences. From there, we embark on a creative exploration, developing initial logo concepts that align with your brand identity. We value your feedback and work closely with you to refine and finalize the chosen design. Our goal is to provide a timely turnaround, typically within 2 to 4 business days, without compromising on quality. Trust us to deliver a logo that exceeds your expectations and captures the essence of your brand.

3. Customer Feedback

We believe that your logo should be a reflection of your vision and that your satisfaction is paramount. We value your input and actively seek your feedback throughout the design process. Our goal is to ensure that you are 100% satisfied with your logo, as it represents your brand and carries its unique identity. We encourage open communication and eagerly listen to your thoughts, preferences, and suggestions. Your feedback guides us in refining the logo concepts and making necessary adjustments to align with your vision. By incorporating your input, we strive to create a logo that exceeds your expectations and truly captures the essence of your brand. Customer satisfaction is our top priority at Fingerprint Ideas. We work closely with you, providing revisions and refinements until we achieve a design that you absolutely love. Our aim is to deliver a logo that evokes the desired emotions, communicates your message effectively, and makes you proud to showcase your brand. Trust us to actively engage with your feedback and collaborate to create a logo that leaves a lasting impression. Your happiness with the final result is our driving force, and we are committed to ensuring that your logo represents your brand in the best possible way.

4. Final Review + Completion

We recognize that the design process may involve several iterations and adjustments. However, once we have incorporated all the necessary tweaks and edits, we will proceed to a final review with you. This stage allows you and your team to take one last comprehensive look at the design, with the expectation that everything will be perfected to your satisfaction. Our goal is to ensure that every aspect of the logo aligns perfectly with your vision before finalizing the project.

Upon reaching the final design stage and obtaining client approval, we proceed to finalize the logo. Fingerprint Ideas provides all the necessary files, including vector and high-resolution graphics. Additionally, we offer a bumper video that clients can use in their videos. If the client requires any specific additional files, they can request them during this stage.


To initiate the design process, we require an initial payment of $125. This payment ensures that we can begin working on the client's logo design. Once the design process is complete, and both the client and Fingerprint Ideas agree that the logos are finalized, a final invoice of $125 will be sent. After the final payment is made, Fingerprint Ideas releases all files, including the source files, for the client's unrestricted use. Total Price: $250


While Fingerprint Ideas retains "portfolio rights" to all images, the client retains full ownership and rights to their logo. They have the freedom to use the logo as they see fit for their business needs. Portfolio rights refer to the rights retained by a design company or creative professional to showcase their work in their portfolio or promotional materials. When a design project is completed, the design company may want to showcase the work as part of their portfolio to demonstrate their skills and expertise to potential clients. While the client retains the rights to use the design for their own purposes, the design company may retain the right to display the project in their portfolio or promotional materials to showcase their capabilities and attract new clients. Portfolio rights are typically outlined in the terms and agreements between the client and the design company.

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