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We know that there's more to the conversation than just pricing so here's a quick glimpse of the FAQ's and Pricing by quantity.

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We have access to over 20,000 types of shirts...

...so we broke it down to the "normal"

BASIC | Gildan, Anvil, Jerzees, Hanes | $4 - $6+ per shirt
100% Cotton

STANDARD | Gildan-Soft Style, Anvil, District, Tultex | $5 - $8+ per shirt Comfy Fit, 50/50 Blends

Premium | Bella Canvas, Next Level, Comfort Colors | $6 - $12+ per shirt Soft Blend 

*We only DTG print on light colored shirts. (White, Light Grey, Creams all work) Ask for more details before you place an official order.

This pricing is for "t-shirts" only. If you want long sleeve or any other type of garment, please click "Get Started" below.

THE MATH and the faq's

Don't get confused by the numbers or the info. We can break it down.


1. Let's say you want 40 Standard Shirts that have a white ink logo on the front and white ink logo on the back. Standard Shirt Cost average $5.97 + $6 = $11.97 x 40 = $478.80

2. LET'S SAY YOU WANT 14 Premium SHIRTS THAT HAVE A WHITE INK LOGO ON THE FRONT AND WHITE INK LOGO ON THE BACK. STANDARD SHIRT COST AVERAGE $6, but that section is "X'd" off which means that is not an option we provide


3. If you see an "X", that means it is not an option that we will normally provide service for. You are more than welcome to still ask for a quote but chances are not good that we will provide that service.

More options

4. Basic, Standard and Premium Shirts are not the only options that we offer, however, they are the majority of what we print when it comes to t-shirts. if you want long sleeve, tank tops, crop tops, yoga pants, sweaters, hoodies and/or anything else, please request a quote.

The x clarification

• if you want 1-12 shirts - We will only dtg those t-shirts | light colored garments work the best | the good thing about DTG is that it is full color instead of just a single color | the bad: we tell people that dtg printing has the tendency to look vintage

• 1-Color means it is a total of 1 color on 1 side | 2-color can mean 1-color on the front and 1-color on the back or 2-colors on the front and nothing on the back or nothing on the front and 2-colors on the back | this principle is the same for 3, 4, 5, and 6-color splits

• if you have a 3-color logo and you are putting that on the front and back. We get it, "it's just 3-Colors" however it doesn't work like that. You add those together and its a 6-color print

• the "x" really does mean that is not an option that we are offering right now

More to break down

• the quantities listed are the same graphic print | if you have 36 shirts that you want the word "Graphic" in black on them and then you want 46 shirts that you want the word "Design" in blue on, those would be 2 separate orders not 1 order of 86 shirts

• what if i want 36 shirts with the word "Graphic" on it in Blue and then 24 with "Graphic" in yellow? All good? We charge a $20 color change fee. Your pricing would be based off of the total number of shirts and then we would add the $10 color change fee

dark garments: take into consideration that the darker the shirt and lighter the ink color, we will need to add an under-base to the design | this adds a color to your pricing scale | when in doubt, add the extra color when you're quoting this yourself

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